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January 20, 2012


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Journal Entry: Fri Jan 20, 2012, 3:42 PM


I accept Paypal

I accept deviantArt points [Commission WIDGET]

My paypal email is (

I believe my commissions are pretty self explanatory.
The FAQ is at the bottom of this journal!
Please note me or PM me on dA, FA, InkBunny. If you must, you may also email me.
I don't use Skype or Yahoo messenger to communicate.
You can also find me on the dAmn chats.

:star: :iconiceeplz: :star:

Painted Sketch - $4

Currently only doing single character sketches.

:pointr:Sketches will be posted to my Tumblr

Doodles - $6

Up to 2 characters by default.
$3 per new additional character.
Outcome is random, like it says: doodle.

Soft Shaded Single Character Commission - $10

:heart: Will do couple/pairing for only $15

Full Commissions & Comic Pages a piece - $20-$25

Cartoon Style:
:bulletpurple: Up to 2 characters, request a decent background. Add $3 per additional character added.
:bulletpurple: Detailed background - $3

:bulletred: Up to 5 panels on a page, each additional page is $10
:bulletred: Single page but more than 5 panels? Each additional panel is $4
:bulletred: Simple Backgrounds are free.

Realistic Style - $25
:bulletpink: 2 Characters by default, $3 per each new character. Background: None or Simple is Free
:bulletpink:Detailed Background - $5.

Painted - $15 to $30

:bulletblue: Bust is $15 - One character only.
:bulletblue: Full body is $30 - Single character, add $6 each new character.
:bulletblue: Styles can be cartoon or realistic, no charge.



Sometimes I'll take only pennies for a quick scribble/doodle/headshot of your character. That's if YOU'RE QUICK ENOUGH. Only accepted via Commission Widget located on my profile, be super fast to get in because they're once in a while things. Could be monthly or every other month. YOU NEVER KNOW!!!1

Image coming soon lol.



Q: Do you do NSFW?

A: Yes, it'll be posted on my tumblr under a read-more.

Q: What about Furry NSFW?

A: Yes, it'll be posted on my InkBunny or FurAffinity.

Q: Do you do x pairings or x relationships?

A: Love is open, just like me. Yes, bring in the gays!

Q: Can I have my work to myself without you posting it?

A: Yes, but PLEASE MENTION THAT somewhere in your order! I love to post my artworks for all to see, but if you'd rather keep it in private you may include that somewhere when responding to me.

Q: Can I post my request to other sites?

A: Yeah just don't resell it or whatever lmao that'd be rude. PLEASE include a credit to my dA though! :3

Q: Can I request a certain thing like a journal header or deviantID?

A: Yes! The prices for these can be negotiated! Usually in the $6 to $9 range.

A: Bondage, loli, cub, shota, yaoi, yuri, inflation, chub, bjs, anal, regular sex, toys
If what you do is not seen in the answer then I probably won't do it but you can ask..
A HUGE NO NO IS: Scat, vore, gore. :noes:


A: ANSWERS!!!!!11111


<3 Marie x x

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do you do icons still? this is Nena from furaffnity
Chibi-Mimi Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not at the moment, I'll probs accept more during the summer but I got tons to do right now as it is. :meow:
Sendel90 Feb 25, 2014  Student Artist
Would you do NSFW point commission doodles? lolThis is Sendel from Inkbunny.
Chibi-Mimi Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeah :3
Just gonna sit here and wait for commissions to open back up :3

For the animated icons, are you able to do them in 100x100 and resized 50x50 so they can be used for dA and fA?  Also, anthro, yes or no as far as commissioning goes?
Chibi-Mimi Sep 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah but it'll cost another 300:points: or 3 dollars :noes: haha and yes :3
Ooh, awesome<3

I'll have to watch for commissions to reopen then~
Chibi-Mimi Sep 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for understa--*explodes* LOL Seriously, got lots to do..
Though I think tonight I can pull an all nighter and then get back to you. :eager: Hahaha..
I'm in no rush :3
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